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Every day at Kids Company we offer loving care to vulnerable children who have been neglected or abused.

loving care to vulnerable children

This is dinner at Clubtime in our centre Arches II, where a loving family atmosphere is provided.

Children with plates of food

Without the meals that we provide at our centres many of our children would go to bed hungry.

We not only provide the children with meals, but we offer cooking classes so that they can learn about nutrition and gain a new skill.

About Kids Company’s Plate Pledge

The issue

Poor diet and dysfunctional eating habits have a disastrous impact on children’s health. Chronic deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals often mean children lack energy, suffer poor general health, and find it difficult to concentrate and learn. Poor nutrition is also extremely damaging for young mothers and pregnant women who require adequate daily nutrition to give their baby a good start to a healthy and happy life. Children deprived of food or consistently eating nutritionally poor-quality food can be small for their age or, paradoxically, obese due to the high fat, low-nutritional content of cheap fast foods. Too many marginalised children living in severe poverty are struggling to get enough to eat or to eat sufficiently nutritious food to maintain their mental and physical health.

What we do

Kids Company offers practical, educational and emotional support and social interventions to vulnerable children, young people and families. We have 11 centres in London and Bristol (nine street level and alternative education centres and two therapy houses) and a therapeutic performing arts project in Liverpool. We also work with 40+ primary and secondary schools in London and Bristol. Between 2011 and 2012 Kids Company experienced on average a 233% increase in the numbers of new children referring themselves to our services, primarily because they were hungry.

i feel hungry. i just want to sleep... ‘cos when you sleep... when I go to bed hungry and sleep, I’m not hungry.

Boy, 10 years old, supported by Kids Company

From research with a sample of children and young people attending our street level drop-in centres:

85 percent Rely on Kids Company for their evening meal

said they relied on Kids Company for their evening meal

64 percent Reported going to bed feeling hungry because thexre’s no food in their house

reported going to bed feeling hungry because there’s no food in their house

33% Rely on being given money to eat from a takeaway

said they rely on being given money to eat from a takeaway

32% Don’t get to eat breakfast

said they don’t get to eat breakfast

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