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CH4 picture for hunger feature

The growing number of hungry children in poverty Britain / Ch4 news Feb 05

  What does hunger look like? It’s brutally straightforward in pictures taken during famines across the world – children so malnourished they are often at the point of death; painfully underweight, their ribs showing as they desperately fight for breath. But here in the UK, it’s very much harder to spot, very much more difficult… Read more »

Mirror hunger report

One in seven children go to school hungry Feb 05

Food poverty is at an all time high with one in seven children going to school hungry. There are 820,000 children in classrooms across Britain who are forced to skip breakfast at least once a week as parents struggle to put food on the table. According to the study, in the last year 28% of… Read more »

Child Eating

Unison Schools survey reveals shocking levels of poverty Aug 22

 A survey of nearly 3,000 school support staff* reveals the shocking impact of poverty on the children in their schools.  The survey by UNISON, the UK’s largest union, covered all areas of the UK and shows that: 87% say children are coming to school tired 85% say children are coming to school hungry 80% see… Read more »