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Child Eating

How Kids Company feeds Britain’s hungry children Feb 18

THE OBSERVER Sunday 15th February 2015 Every week, thousands of children rely on Kids Company for their main meal of the day. They come to be fed, to learn how to cook, and to find a safe place to be a child. Through their centres in north and south London, Liverpool and Bristol, they now… Read more »

Hungry Childhoods Logo


Kids Company and baby food company Ella’s Kitchen have partnered in a unique collaboration to document the devastating effects of food insecurity among some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and families. HUNGRY CHILDHOODS is an exhibition of artwork created by children and young people experiencing chronic hunger and food insecurity. For many of the… Read more »

CH4 picture for hunger feature

The growing number of hungry children in poverty Britain / Ch4 news Feb 05

  What does hunger look like? It’s brutally straightforward in pictures taken during famines across the world – children so malnourished they are often at the point of death; painfully underweight, their ribs showing as they desperately fight for breath. But here in the UK, it’s very much harder to spot, very much more difficult… Read more »